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Foin de crau pour nos lapins
Foin de crau pour nos lapins
Minilop et nain papillon

Food of our Rabbits 


Every day, our rabbits enjoy fresh grass and plants harvested directly from our Crau hayfields. Thus they benefit from a diet rich in fiber and unprocessed. In addition to the grass our rabbits have all day long Crau hay from the fields near our breeding place. A rich and diversified local food very appreciated by our rabbits. We also supplement their diet with"versel Laga" quality granules about 30 to 60 g per day. Every week our rabbits are entitled to a distribution of vegetables : fennel, apple, parsley...


 Care on our Rabbits



In order to keep our animals healthy throughout their lives we perform many treatments each year
- Myxomatosis vaccine (Novibac)
- Vaccination against VHD and variants (Filavac)

- deworming 3 times a year (Panacur 4%)
- Preventive treatment against coccidiosis (Organic Cider Vinegar)
- Preventive vaccination against the most common respiratory diseases (Rhiniffa)
- Colloidal Silver Cure with Seasonal Changes (15ppm)
Our rabbits are Followed by Osteopaths
Our breeding is in partnership with the school of Animal Osteopathy of the city of Tarascon.
Thanks to this collaboration our rabbits are seen several times a year and benefit from regular follow-up during the breeding periods. Our females therefore have the chance to be consulted after giving birth in order to restore the possible dysfunctions induced by the delivery. Serious and passionate students supervised by caring and dynamic teachers whom we have the pleasure of receiving for the greatest happiness of all our rabbits.
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