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Rabbits Avialable


Don't hesitate to contact us for additional information or to ask options about our future births.
In this section you will find all our stones available for reservation:

Reservation possible from 7 weeks and available for recovery from 10 weeks


 Young rabbits are Sold 



- Deworming and preventive treatment against coccidiosis
- With complete and detailed genealogy on at least 3 generations
- With a basic advice booklet to get started and a care schedule to be carried out over the year
- Important they are: Vaccinated myxomatosis (Nobivac), VHD 1 and 2 (Filavac)
- Tattoo ID card if tattooed (depending on lineage)
Possibility of having a certificate of good health drawn up by our veterinarian (supplement of 35 euros)
Rabbits are sold with a certificate of transfer and a bag of granules for food transition
Our adopters have access to a Facebook discussion group "Domaine de Marguerite adoptants" in order to
dialogue but also have a lot of information about rabbits
Conditions for adoption
Rabbits are sold for breeding in perfect health
No refund or exchange is feasible from 1 week after the adoption because the Breeding considers that it is in no way a problem on its part. A veterinary certificate is required in order to prove the involvement of the breeding.
The Breeding however recovers all the rabbits sold in case of problems (moving, allergy...)

* To be seen in due course if recovery is possible
Transport Rules
Livestock is not responsible for possible problems during transport or the consequences that this may cause on the animal
For all requests for foreign contact me
Rules of breeding
A bank transfer or Paypal will be requested after decision taken and cashed so that the reservation is effective
no refund will be made in case of withdrawal on your part
Option : One person wants to adopt it but a reservation is always possible
Reserved : The Rabbit is no longer available for sale
Awaiting : A person on the waiting list wants a rabbit of this type but is not yet positioned​​
Rabbits Available

For more information about a rabbit, just contact us.
Our rates vary between 50 euros and 150 euros depending on the morphology, breed and genetics of the rabbit
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