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Know our breeding

The passion of rabbits entered my life 15 years ago now thanks to my first 3 rabbits Flower, Pompon and Goldilocks.

They came out a few years ago at 12, 10 and 14 years respectively!

They made me fall under the spell of his beautiful little animals with curious tempers, lively and full of life.

We started the actual breeding and breeding than a tenth of a year ago now.

An enriching adventure that allowed us to discover fabulous breeds and many breeders all over Europe.

Every year, we strive to continue our selection in order to meet our breeding objectives and meet our adopters.

Our breeders have been selected in very good French and international breeding:

Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, England, Belgium and Denmark.

The breeds in our breeding


Our breed wants to preserve all these breeds despite the fashion effects! 
All breeds of rabbit deserve to persist and attract the attention of future adopters.Learn to know the different
Dwarf rabbit breeds in our section "Our Races" you will find information on weight, character, morphology ...

Our breeding makes a rigorous selection of its breeders: morphological, health and character.
Aggressive, over-fearful rabbits or rabbits with health problems are systematically removed from reproduction in order to avoid the transmission of its unwanted traits on offspring. This selection makes it possible to put all the chances on our side to give birth to balanced, curious and dynamic rabbits that will make the happiness of our adopters.

Our rabbits are sold completely weaned with numerous veterinary services essential to their good health.
Vaccination is not to be neglected because of the deadly diseases present in our territory !
We also decided to keep our rabbits for a longer period of time (10 weeks are up)
so that we can be sure that our rabbits leave in good health and weaned among our adopters.

We follow up after each departure to ensure the proper installation of the rabbit in its new environment. For all questions our breeding will be at your disposal to refer you and advise you even several years after the adoption of the rabbit. We are available to you from birth to death of the rabbit. Our adopters are also a priority on our child care spaces throughout the year.

Polonais white with blue eyes Lines Exposition

Lineages noted in exposition 95, 95,5 et 96 /100 pts

Miniature Dalmatian Rex Lines Exposition

Lineages noted in exposition 95, 95,5 et 96 /100 pts

Miniature Tan Lines Exposition

Lineages noted in exposition 95, 95,5 et 96 /100 pts

Miniature Rex Lines Exposition and "Fantaisie"

Lined champion of Europe and noted 95, 95,5 et 96 /100 pts

Minilop : English Standard

Lines from the English strain Daren Morris, Anna Jackson (particular)


Loffelohr : Rex and satin

Lines imported from Czech Republic and Poland. It's unique in France

Miniature Satin Lines Exposition and Fantaisie

Some of my lines are imported from the Unique Czech Republic in France

Dwarf Rabbit Lines Exposition and "Fantaisie"

Lineages noted in exposition 95, 95,5 et 96 /100 pts

Others are Polish and Czech Republic. It's unique in France

 Miniature Rex Lop Lines "Fantaisie"

Lines "Fantasy"  not exposed French and German strains

Miniature Satin Lop Lines "Fantaisies"

Lines "Fantasy"  not exposed French and German strains

Nain loutre feh
Loffel rex issu de lignée Allemande et république tchèque
Minilop japonais vienna yeux bleus
Minilop garenne japonais
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